Union Center School

About 12 years ago two little bashful girls, with brown curly hair & a little light haired boy proudly took their dinner pails and started to Union Center. They were none other than Lucille, Charlie & Nellie. Miss Volber was their much admired teacher. There were several others in their class but all moved away in a few years except Lucille & Charlie. Nellie left us after the first year to attend schools in Colorado, MO, & other schools in Nebr.

It wasn't long until the first little "Primer" was finished and we all felt really wise.

About the 4th term of school a dark complectioned girl came from Central City to enter the voyage of learning then being guided by Miss Heafy.

The next year another boy came to join our ranks and help us battle with Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. In a short time we learned his name was Morris DeRock. Mrs. Gilmore was our teacher then.

Three years later found Mrs. Malone as teacher of our merry group and 8th graders. We all passed the 7th & 8th grade exams with honors.

After exams were over we practiced for our 8th grade play. The name was Wanted a Correspondence. We used the money to get 8th grade pins. They were beautiful little pins having the letters U.C.G.S. and '28. We also took an educational trip to Beatrice and went through some of the places of interest.

As freshmen we all entered high school ready to tackel Geometry and Latin which we all thought very interesting.

Madeline a bashful happy brown eyed girl came from Prairie Cottage to be with us. Mr. Malone and Miss Beacher were out teachers. We all remember the fun we had at initiation especially Lucille isn't afraid of shocks or electricity.

In our Sophomore year the little girl who left us the first year of school came back to Union Center - Nellie H. Miss Huber came to teach this year as Mr. Malone went to Cheney to teach.

When we were in our 11th grade of school we gave our Junior Play Aaron Slick from Pumpkin Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Shepard were out sponsors. After much time spent in practice we put on the show in which Lucille was especially thrilling.

When we entered our Senior Year, Mr. and Mrs. Shepard, whom we all love, still remained with Us. We had some very pleasant times together, especially on our sneak day which we will all remember.

We gave our Junior Senior Play, the name of it was And Mary Did on the 20th of may 1932.

Six happy graduates expect to receive their diplomas and separate to start on the Voyage of Life.


Written by Lucille Jones & sent to Vyral Viets

Class of 1932

Morris DeRock
Nellie (Heaston) Miller
Lucille (Jones) Starrett
Charles McKernan
Vyral (Viets) Vasey
Madeline (Moran) Pivonka
Dorothy (Kerr) Hill
Irene (Rogerson) Clark