Class Poem of 1929

Another year is passed and gone
Commencement time is here,
To this class of graduates
The best time of the year.
All too soon the year had passed
Like a fleeting day,
All too soon the time came
For parting of our way.
In years we were together
Each tried to do his part
Solving other troubles
With a willing heart.
Not many days ago
In a school not far away,
Few Seniors studied as you know
In the most engaging way,
They studied with no other aim,
To pass Commencement day
What if the task was heavy
Success seems far away.
Do not stop nor falter,
Keep trying every way.
The future may look dreary
The path be hard and long,
Keep striving to climb higher,
Keep trying, it won't be long,
At last you have succeeded,
Reached the mountain of success
Don't forget that there are some
Struggling yet, to do their best.
Even when victorious
In triumph you may stand,
Don't forget the ones behind you
Lend them a helping hand.
What if our days have passed,
With grief do to mistakes
Commencement day has brought
A vision that awakes
The future long in slumbering,
Our joys to be outnumbering
Discouragement of the past.
We've worked and did our best
We're loyal, just and true,
We've stood the final test
And tried some good to do.
Our class has now departed,
And were the Seniors wise
Our high school days are ended
But not our friendship ties.
Farewell old school, farewell
The Future'll tell your story
With this wish we leave you
A promise of some other glory.
Class mates, heed it well.
This motto I will tell
Let's act from day to day
As careful as we may,
Let's prove to near and far
How fine we really are,
Whatever comes or goes
"To Ourselves Be True"
Oh pause or falter not,
Your fate is in your hand
Climb onward -- ever upward
To where your feet should stand
The way is rough and rugged,
But vic'try is sublime,
Go bravely forward, upward
And climb, and climb and climb.
Uncertain life comes to an end
It speedily comes to pass,
So now, dear friends I do extend
Farewells to my dear class

by Jeannette Townsley