Clever Work by Officers
State Sheriff Condit on job with Chief Acton Cooperating
Alleged Gambling House and Two Liquor Laden Cars Raided

Staging one of the most sensational law enforcement roundups in the history of Southern Nebraska, state and local officers last night threw out a dragnet at Wymore in which nineteen alleged gamblers were caught.

Prior to this big raid, three Omahans and a car with liquor aboard was captured on the highway north of Beatrice.

After the big roundup, a car with three occupants and a quantity of contraband aboard was captured east of Wymore.

Headed by State Sheriff Wm. Condit, with Police Chief Acton cooperating, the officers' flying squadron included sixteen operatives of the state law enforcement brigade together with Sheriff Davis and Deputies Oscar Flan and Geo Davis of Nemaha county, who drove from Auburn to join Sheriff Condit, Chief Acton and their men south of here.

With the exception of a recent raid on bootleggers in northern Nebraska, last night's roundup in the county probably stands as the biggest roundup of its kind in the State.

With Chief Acton cooperating on the local sector, State Sheriff Condit deserves credit for one of the cleverest and most effective pieces of work in which either the state or local officers have ever participated . High commendation is of course also due Sheriif Condit's men and Sheriff Davis and his deputies.

The prisoners taken in the alleged gambling house roundup were trapped in a place at Wymore, said to be operated by Charles Fulton. They were shooting dice, the officers said.

Including Fulton, himself, the prisoners taken in his place are:
Wm. Humphrey, Edw. W. Kirchner, Frank Russell, Fred Johnson, Wayne Kipp, Ray Fletcher, Robert Mundell, M.E. Brewer, W.H. Hofacre, F.G.Shores, Stanley Stroke, Ed Hughes, R.M. Harris, Ralph Brown, Harry Campbell, R.R. Jones, T.R. McClure, Chas H. Fulton, R.C. Wardl

In the foregoing roster are eighteen prisoners who will face charges of gambling. Fulton, the ninteenth is charged with operation a gambling house.

But little trouble was experienced by the officers in making the arrests, Early this morning all the prisioners, most of whom are said to reside in southern Gage county were jammed into the city jail here.

Following the Wymore raid, the officers made another roundup east of that place at a building in the timber where they found a gambling table, a case of beer and some mash. As the officers left the place they nabbed Clarence Edwards, John Wilson and G. L. Jones together with a Buick six car. In the automobile were two pints of liquor and a 2 gallon jug. The officers took possession of the car and brought the trio here with the prisoners who had been taken in the first raid . The three will face liquor law violation counts.

While en route to Beatrice, the state sheriff and his men halted a big Oakland car occupied by Edward Taylor, Sugust Lenz and Fren Lenz, all three men were form Omaha. The machine was halted between here and Pickrell. When searched it was found to have aboard a liquor container which the occupants had broken.

The trio was placed under arrest the total number of prisoners taken during the night being twenty-five, exclusive of the other raid by Sheriff Saling.

When State Sheriff Bill Condit looked over the choice collection of his new acquaintances to whom he introduced himself during the big raid on the Fulton place, he found that one of these new found friends was in reality an old schoolmate. {one sentence illegible}

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