James Taylor, Dennis Wilson, Warren Oates

A rare journey into the psychics of James Taylor and Dennis Wilson. Dennis Wilson is mesmerizing.

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Thirty years is a long time. In thirty years, you forget the details; the essence of life in 1970, until a rare screening of Two-Lane Blacktop brings it all back. Aside from the fact we were all much thinner then; the men had gorgeous sun drenched hair and an inexplicable quality of gentleness beneath a reckless, defiant exterior. Forget the war, the Cultural Revolution, for those of us sweet young things who populated the streets across America on Saturday night, we watched a young man's identity evolve from the horsepower under the hood of their Chevy Chevelle, Ford Mach I, or perhaps a Pontiac GTO. The rumble of glass pack mufflers, blurred by the glint of chrome, raging through the ¼ mile in the moonlight was as erotic as the rhythm of any bass guitar.

The emission control laws of the early 1970's added a few generations of life to the earth, but pushed those great muscle cars into the showrooms and garages of modern reality. On a rare Sunday, one of those garage doors opens and for a brief afternoon you can still catch the glint of passion in the eyes of one of those gentle, reckless souls of summer.

 A&E Top 10 Muscle Cars

10. Chevy 409
9. Oldsmobile 442
8. Dodge Charger
7. Chevy Camaro
6. Ponitac Trans-Am
5. Plymouth Barracuda
4. Plymouth Roadrunner
3. Ford Boss Mustang
2. Chevy Chevelle
1. Pontiac GTO



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On Route 66 - Filming Two-Lane Blacktop
Rolling Stone 10/13/1970

You can NEVER go fast enough

Rough ride: Well-known, much-maligned `Two-Lane Blacktop"
reaches end of bumpy road with video release
by Paul Sherman (October 99 video release)

Forever lost: The roar of the internal combustion engine

passing the torque to a new generation






The Ford Motor Company
vintage Thunderbirds

DENNIS WILSON as The Mechanic
scroll slowly for best effect ...

Dennis Wilson's Harmony

Dennis Wilson & Karen Lamm
1976 Playgirl Fashion Shoot
Photo # 1

Photo # 2

Dennis Flies Solo
Rock Magazine - May 1977

Dennis Wilson Interview
Circus Magazine - October 1976
(or how one journalist blew the interview of a lifetime)

The Close of an Endless Summer
The Death of Dennis Wilson

People Magazine - January 1984

Dennis Wilson ...Carry Me Home

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